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VIOLET ROBERTS : Artist. Cat in Hat / Fashion c.1910
INDIA A Kathiawar Home. Posted 1911
INDIA Bombay Moombadevi Road
INDIA Bombay Null Bazaar Street Scene c.1910
India / Pakistan Karachi Zoological Gardens
INDIA / PAKISTAN Magar Pir Road (Manghopir) Karachi
BURMA Mandalay The Incomparable Pagoda
INDIA Bengali Ploughing Oxen
INDIA Industry Sawing Timber
INDIA The Village Well. Collecting Water
INDIA 'Jugglers' Snake Charmers
INDIA Carpenter's Shop Bengal Industrial School
INDIA Meerutt (Uttar Pradesh) 'Soldier Home'
INDIA Street Barbers
INDIA Bullock Cart
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