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Turkeys Art by Alfred Schonian
Pomeranian. Dog art by Maud West Watson
Horse and Dog. Art by Muller
Dogs 'Teddy' Art by Persis Kirmse
Cats 'Sandy' Art by Persis Kirmse
Whitethroat. Bird art by George Rankin
Blenheim Spaniel . Art by Maud West Watson
Birds Parrots. Pair of Macaws
Pekingese Dog art by A.E. Kennedy
Cats 'Siamese Beauty' Art by Persis Kirmse
Christmas December 25. Chromolitho Art
Deer Stag. Art by George Rankin
Cats 'Tim' Art by Rosa Bebb
Dogs. Collie Eugene M.Valter
Dogs Pekingese - Artist Persis Kirmse
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 … 300 items total