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The Popular Daily Mail Battle Pictures series were produced for the British market during the First World War. As with all published photographs of the time the scenes would have been subject to heavy censorship and might possibly be classed as propaganda as they depict only the very positive aspects of the campaign.

In all 22 sets of 8 cards were published. The same scenes duplicated in various printing styles. Curiously it is the later issues (higher numbers) that are the rarer postcards, the sub section featuring the ANZACS are also very popular.

An ideal opportunity to collect genuine WW1 artifacts at a reasonable price and an ideal starting point for any Military based collection.

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A Gallant Rescue under Fire
Thirsty German Prisoners in their Barbed Wire Cage
The King Attending Church Service at Front
Wiltshires Cheering During Great Advance
A British Heavy Gun in Action
Firing a Heavy Howitzer in France
Worcesters Going into Action
Army Chaplain at British Graves
After the First Cavalry Charge - July 1916
KIng George Inspecting Royal Naval Air Service Officers
Clearing the way Through Contalmaison
Gordons Bringing in a Wounded German
A British Heavy Gun in Action
Sir D. Haig - Sir Pertab Singh - Gen. Joffre
A Fag After a Fight
Firing a Heavy Howitzer in France
A British Heavy Gun in Action
Tommy Finds Shell Holes to Sleep In
Tommy at Home in German Dugouts
Northumberland Fuisiliers asfter Battle of St Eloi
Firing a Heavy Howitzer in France
British Heavy Gun in Action
Worcestershire Regiment Going into Action
King at the Front
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